Whitelines Knock Out Tour – Hemel Snow Dome

So after some fun out in Austria it was back to the uk again and whilst beck there i heard that there was a rail jam in Hemel and thought i would show my face. It was a sick comp and there was a great show of people for the event.20121123_WhitelinesRailJam_BrandonGriffiths_177-620x412

The format was a jam session that was judged and then 8 people from the jam session would be put into the final knock out stage which was head to head rounds. I found myself up against young Jake Binnee. A good little shredder at 13 and did very well to get to the knock out finals with the field of riders that had shown for this session. After knocking out Jake i moved onto the next round against Will Smith (English snowboarder not the Hollywood or scottish one). When i found out i was against Will i was a bit nervous as will is a rail destroyer and definitely a tough opponent. It started with will getting ahead and landing his tricks and i had bailed twice but on a third run i got my 270 on 270 out of the wall ride and managed to just sneak into the final. In the final i came up against Gareth Andrews an MK shredder that i have known for a long time.I was beginning to think how am i keeping up with the lads as i don’t see myself as strong at rails as they are bet hey i was holding my own. In the final i was ahead after three runs as i had landed two tricks clean and one a bit sketchy and he had landed nothing so was feeling sure to win but the judges wanted another run out of us both which meant i could now lose it at the final hurdle. Gaz pulled it out the bag with the last trick and i couldn’t follow up and with only one trick counting for the win the judges went for Gaz. So overall i managed to pull a second out the bag which to be honest i wasn’t expecting to get anywhere near the finals never mind second. All i all a sick night and well worth the trip down.

Here are the highlights from the Hemel stop of the November Knock out tour. Sorry its just a link but i can’t get the video to embed as it is Mpora 😦


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