Austria – Pleasurejam, Dachstein, Planai and Hintertux

So people its been a while and i now have good enough internet to smash through some blog updating to here goes 😀

So to start off i have decided to go to Europe this season for a change and hit up some comps out there instead of returning to the states for the season. Now here comes the Big one…… Im braving it in a CARAVAN!!! Yes your read that right i said caravan. Its a bit different to the big houses and sharing with lots of people but lets face it times are hard even with working all summer money has been a real struggle so we are trying a new approach. Now heres the thing accommodation in Breckenridge whilst staying with 6 people still set me back around £1300 yeah pretty steep and thats not including the £600 flights, the transfer and the lift pass etc.So with that in mind when i found that i was only paying €500 for 6 months on the campsite i was pretty happy yes i will have to pay some extra bills at the end of the season for gas and electricity but its not going to cost me anywhere near the same as the state. You might say what about the price of a caravan? Well i have a friend call Gaz Rowntree and he is one of the greatest people out there. I met him whilst wake boarding in the summer and we became friends and long story short he has let us take his caravan around Europe for the winter. The man is a legend and hopefully will be coming to see us in the winter. All that out of the way now its time to get on with my season.

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So the first stop was Dachstein Austria for the pleasure Jam and that is where i first set the caravan down. Was strange setting up a caravan for the first time but pretty exciting at the same time. When we got up for the first day shredding the weather on the glacier was pretty bad and also no park was built so went to ride Planai for the day. No park just first shred back on the mountain so was just enjoying it and having a cruise.

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So when the park was built up on the glacier i was straight up for practise. the course was fun and had two kickers a rail section and then a little wall ride. I was having a good practice day but was having speed issues with the bigger kicker and it was throwing me off my runs a little.

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So the day came for the comp and wind was being a bit of a pain. Every run it would change direction and also gust real bad. First run i did cab 540 off the first jump followed by a bs 900 but i just put my hands down on the landing so i was penalised pretty bad for this. I went a bit too big due to the wind so was relying on my second run. Second run came around and i did the same off the first jump and went to play it safe with a bs 720 off the second jump but the wind was against me going uphill and killing my speed casing me to knuckle the jump and put a hand down again. So all in all not to successful at my first comp of the season. Was time to pack up and move to Mayrhofen where i would be spending the rest of the season. From there i was going to hit up Hintertux glacier to try and get my kicker legs back.

So once i got to Mayrhofen and the caravan was in its winter home it was time to shred Hintertux. There i met up with Will Smith (scottish Rome rider not the fresh prince) and we hit up the jumps. Before i knew it i was throwing out frontside 1080’s and backside double cork 1080s’s and started to feel back at home on the jumps. Below are some picks of me in sunny Hintertux and i will also post a slow motion quick edit form my shred in Tux. Keep checking in for more caravan season updates.

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