Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam

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Here are a few pictures from Dachstein Austria. I Went over to the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam last month for my first 4* TTR slopestyle competition. The weather was perfect and the park was super fun. The kickers were not the biggest but were fun and great to hit after a 6 month break between hitting jumps and only riding the dome through the summer. I found myself straight in my comfort zone and jumped back into my tricks with no hesitation. A couple of hours into my first day and i landed my first double cork 1260!!!! New trick….. yes please. The next day i was stoked and ready to compete. I was surprised to find myself not nervous at all and was having a great day. I landed my first run and was super happy, it wasn’t the cleanest run due to speed on the last jump but i held it together and was happy. My second run i butt checked on my 1080 as i struggled for speed on the 2nd jump and had to throw away the run but i was still happy. I finished 11th in my heat and missed out on the semi’s buy 4 places and finished 46th overall. After the competition was over i had a day to ride to myself. I didn’t get much footage as there was no one to film with me on the last day but i did have a great day and realized if i had maybe had a few more days to ride i could have done even better. After a sick week riding the glacier it has got me extremely motivated for Breckenridge and very excited for the coming season.

Keep shreddin!!!

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