Target Landgraaf!

I was one of a select few asked to travel to the indoor dome in Landgraaf holland for a quick 3 day road trip with some video, interviews and photos. I was asked about two months in advance if i wanted to be taken on a trip to check out a dome in a holland and compare it to the UK domes. We set off early morning and headed to the dock in dover and got the ferry. Once we arrived in calais the long drive through several countries. We hit some crazy traffic in Belgium and the drive was extended by hours but that would not put us down and we continued on to the slope. We all got straight into a shred session as soon as we got there and ripped up the park. it had two nicely sized kickers in a row so i was straight into hitting those and throwing BS 7’s and cab 9’s after just a few runs so i was nicely in the zone. After a good night sleep we all hit up the slope nice and early to get some filming and pictures done. The slope was at a nice -7 degrees C and with the park lift shut and the 6 man chair the only option to the top, passing the icy cooling fans  it soon became a chilling ordeal. Later the park lift was opened and the session kicked off with games of shred to jibbing the roof of the bar. After a full days shredding it was time to get some sleep and hit the road home. All in all i great trip.


Check out all the write ups at:

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