Oakley Grom Games – April 17th 2010

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Me and a few friends had decided to hit up a new competition on the british scene known as the oakley grom games. It was a new competition that had been introduced this year for the first time but looked like a good one to hit up. The comp was to be held at an indoor slope in Manchester called Chill Factore which was just a short 45 minute drive from where i live. We got there nice and early to enjoy the sun before the comp started at 6pm for the boarders, so we registered and had a bbq before shredding. The first qualifying was 6 – 8.30pm and this was to put you throught to the semi-final with the 6 invited riders. I qualified 1St and won my age group so that was a sick way to make an impression at the first ever Oakley grom games. I recieved my prize and got a hug from Jenny Jones and then it was on to the next round which would be tougher as i was up against the invited riders and was fighting for a place in the final which only had 4 places available and there was 12 of us in the semi’s. I had my 1st run and all was going well untill i was riding out after a back 7 and hit a bump which caused me to slide out to the pressure was on for run number two. I dropped in to my second run with my music playing and ready to stomp my run. This time i nailed it and completed my run perfect now all i had to do was wait and see if i had qualified. The results came through and i had qualified 2nd along with Jamie Nichols, Jordan Gee, and Column Myton. I was stoked to be in the final and it was a one run battle between the four of us. I did my run and i stomped the bs 720 mute off the kicker and only had one feature left to hit. As i hit the tree stall i came off the other side and caught my toe edge so i was pretty dissappionted with that but i wasnt too mad as i had already done so well and had such a great day. We all waited for the results and at about half past 12 at night they where revealed. I had taken second place. So all in all not bad.

Full Revie at:  http://whitelines.mpora.com/news/full-event-report-oakley-grom-games-manchester.html

Video at:   http://video.mpora.com/watch/LDFfhFwBf/hd/

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