The Brits – Laax Switzerland – (April 5th – 11th)

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The weather wasnt fantastic so we had to get what we could while the sun was out but even when the clouds rolled in we managed to get some pretty good shots. Later when Sam Turnbull turned up we started to have a bit of a mad session and ended up with some crazy photos of me using his board as a kicker. As the week went by the weather wasnt too fantastic but the big air event was the first one in my list of events to do. I had a great practice and was feeling good for qualifying. The kicker had been re-shaped and i was ready to go but i ended up taking off wrong and slamming on my head and had to sit the rest of the event out even though i wasnt to happy to do that. The next event was the slopestyle and i was hoping to redeem myself in this event but due to bad weather once again it was cancelled so just ended up shredding for the rest of the day untill it became to bad to ride. After a crazy week it was time to go home but only to go get more practice at my local dome.

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